We have a diverse, experienced team manufacturing and fabrication services for all aspects of industrial equipment’s specialized functionalities and components. Our skilled technicians provide professional and experienced services for all Industries. Our highly trained and experienced manufacturing and fabrication technicians help you maximize your operational uptime and achieve optimal production. We can handle any manufacturing and fabrication project, whether large or small to help you get the most out of your project.


MRS Manufacturing provides manufacturing and fabrication services for all industries. To learn more about our manufacturing and fabrication services, please contact MRS Manufacturing by calling 304-239-3710 or by Requesting a Quote.

MRS, Mining Repair Specialists, is a state of the art facility located on coppers fork road in Holden, Wv. We offer a full range of manufacturing services including, CNC milling, turning, plasma cutting, robotic welding, and In addition we will soon be adding CNC bending, shaping and beam processing. Our highly trained and experienced technicians can help take your vision to product with efficiency and professionalism. Thank you for taking a glimpse at our company and we hope to hear from you soon.


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    920 Copperas Fork Road
    Holden, WV 25625

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